Katherine Ann Olson

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What happened?  A description for those who have been hiding since mid-October.

  Katherine at High School Graduation.
Parents Nancy and Rolf
Katherine at her sister Sarah's wedding. 
  Katherine getting her flowers after performing as Maria in Sound of Music

Service on October 31, 2007  

  Sermon (aka: "Message")
Pastor Tom Koelln

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Psalm 84
John Hermanson

You Have Come Down to the Lakeshore - MP3 - 7MB
Psalm 84 - MP3 - 4MB
Memories of Katherine

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Memories of Katherine
Sarah S.

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Memories of Katherine

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Memories of Katherine

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Bishop Craig Johnson
Expanded Richfield Lutheran Choir

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Processional1 - Audio - MP3 - 4MB
Processional2 - Audio - MP3 - 4MB
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Processional4 - Audio - MP3 - 3MB
Processional4 - Audio - MP3 - 7MB
My Life Flows In Endless Song - Audio - MP3 - 6MB (with congregation)

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Additional audio clips from Karl
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01 King of Love.m4a
02 You Have Come Down to the Lakeshore.m4a
03 How Can I Keep From Singing_.m4a
04 Psalm 84.m4a
05 Barb Freeman.m4a
06 Sarah Sevcik.m4a
07 Matt Thiede.m4a
08 Karl Olson.m4a
09 Tom Koelln.m4a
10 Let Us Talents and Tongues Employ.m4a
11 Irish Blessing.m4a
12 For All the Saints.m4a

Burial on November 11, 2007  


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